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India's name for Europeans is interwoven with the world of exoticism, the swirl of colors and scents, human poverty, cultural richness and savory food.

In other ways, however, India is the homeland of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic massages and yoga. The teachings of this wonderful culture are a serious calling for a significant section of our society that desires spiritual development and the teaching of ancient truths. Immersed in the Ayurvedic teachings of Ayurvedic massage, we are astonished, or at the same time affirmed, that his teachings are far from us. For even though distance, civilization differences, man is still human, and the concept of the soul was nothing more than 5,000 years ago than it is today.

Ayurvedic massage is a massage therapy that originates from the ancient Ayurvedic teachings, originating from India, which is a holistic way of treating a person. The point is to determine the personality of the guest who is coming for the massage (by means of a short conversation) to get the massage that is right for them. Ayurveda is based on the idea that every human being is different, so everyone requires individual care. The individuality of the massage is ensured by the unique use of oil, as the healing power of the flavors of nature soothes, cools or refreshes the guests according to their individual needs and actual state.

Thus, the oils used for the various Ayurvedic body types bring this personality type into harmony, both physically and mentally. No wonder that after the Ayurvedic massage, our guests feel better physically, mentally, in harmony with themselves and this will also help them to balance their surroundings.

During the Ayurvedic massage, the body part (head, sole) to be treated or the whole body is massaged in warm oils with natural oils selected after the talk, with a gentle oiling, rubbing, mild kneading and tapping motion. At the end of the massage, we either steam it with herbal broth (Abhyanga, Padabhyanga, Shiroabhyanga, Udwartan) or rub the body (Patra Pottali, Navarakizi) with different contents according to a pre-agreed and carefully selected technique.

How to choose treatment?

Clicking on the name of the massage listed in the "Ayurvedic Massage" menu will display a list of the special effects of the massage as well as the conditions for which it is recommended. If you are not able to choose between massages and want to take part in our massage for prevention and relaxation, let us help you. Our colleagues are available for professional advice on our telephone contacts.

Massages are also available for therapeutic purposes. Personal consultation is needed to set up your massage therapy!

A relaxed and relaxed environment, as well as a trained masseur, are essential for rest and healing. We have tried to shape our center in this spirit.

Welcome to our Ayurvedic massage centre in ludhiana!

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