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Classic restorative massage:  whole body massage in ludhiana 60 min

According to the way of perception of the world around us, people are divided into visualists, audialists, and kinesthetics. However, in the hands of an experienced masseur, literally everything turns into kinesthetics, preferring to feel with the skin rather than see or hear. Massage in an amazing way combines relaxation and stimulation of muscle and nervous tissue, bringing the body to exactly that state, which they say is like flying.

General body massage is only one type of this amazing technique, but allows you to fully understand its value. Besides it, massage with cans on the abdomen (here how to do it), lymphatic drainage massage (here the technique of execution), and Asahi massage for the face are popular. Also interesting point massage foot.

Key Features

What is massage? Let's see. Massage is a set of mechanical techniques that affect organs and tissues. It is carried out with his hands, and with the help of special devices. To enhance the action, fragrant oils, medicinal gels and even temperature effects are used - ice during cryomassage.

General massage aims to increase muscle tone. All his usual techniques - pressure, vibration, rubbing, cause alternate relaxation and contraction of muscles, which leads to increased elasticity and flexibility. Massage is not for nothing called passive exercise, which, moreover, is not accompanied by increased blood pressure or difficulty breathing.

A percussion massage, for example, and a special one — a sports, anti-cellulite massage — differs from the therapeutic one by working through the entire back and front surface of the body without focusing on certain areas. If there are no diseases for which massage is prohibited, this approach is fully justified.

The technology of the session depends on the massage school. So, Oriental always include a head and face massage. Westerners, as a rule, exclude this area, focusing on the body. The procedure time ranges from 45 to 90 minutes. An excessively long session will do more harm than good, and may cause drowsiness and lethargy. Proper general massage creates a feeling of lightness in the body, elasticity and firmness of muscles, provides a surge of vitality and good mood. If this is not the case, then the session takes too much time or any of its techniques are not suitable.

During the hour-long session, 30 minutes are given to massage the back of the body, and 30 minutes - to kneading the front. Begin the procedure from the back, then massage the neck and shoulders, then the buttocks and hips, and finally the legs.

Massage the front surface begins with the legs - ankle, knees, hips, then massage the chest and very carefully hands up to the hands. The session ends with a belly massage.

The scheme is the same for a procedure of any length, but the processing time of individual areas is determined by many factors: general condition, body weight, muscle development, distribution of the fat layer, and so on. General massage without a preliminary examination by a specialist and the definition of zones of sensitivity is impossible.

Classical massage for men uses all 4 basic techniques, as well as additional ones - percussion techniques, patting, grabbing intermittent and continuous movements, and so on. At the same time, up to 30–40% of the time is given for rubbing, the share of kneading is 50–60%, the remaining receptions take 10% of the total time.

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